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Examining the global impact of technology
Redesigning Math Education
Maintaining a highly technological society requires a very well educated workforce, especially in math and science. Yet math education has barely changed in the past several centuries. In this episode, we’ll examine some new approaches to math education with our three guests.

Peter Friess is President and CEO of the Tech Museum of Innovation, which is actively engaged in promoting better math education. Keith Devlin is director of Stanford’s H-STAR Institute, winner of the 2007 Carl Sagan Award for popularization of science, “the math guy” on National Public Radio, and the author of 28 books. Salman Khan is the creator of Khan Academy, a one man Internet venture that aims to provide free, world class education to anyone anywhere. His 1400+ instructional videos have garnered more than 16,000,000 views, and he received the 2009 Microsoft Education award for using technology to benefit humanity.