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Examining the global impact of technology
The Internet of Things
In this episode we talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), the growing trend to connect just about everything, including inanimate objects, to the Internet. Modern low cost sensors can gather information in almost any environment and transmit it to the Internet where it can be analyzed and used in any number of ways. What would a totally connected world look like? What are the potential benefits, and what are the possible risks? That’s what we discuss with our three guests. Steve Eglash is executive director of the Secure Internet of Things Project at Stanford University. Much of his work involves bridging the gap between university research and private industry. Previously he was president and CEO of Cyrium Technologies, a solar energy company. Phil Levis is an associate professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford, and co-director of the Secure Internet of Things Project. The results of his research are used by thousands of people, run on hundreds of thousands of devices, and are the basis for Internet standards that he’s co-authored. Keith Winstein is an assistant professor of computer science at Stanford, where his work centers on advanced networking and Internet security. Previously he spent three years as a staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal. He also served as vice president of a startup company that was acquired by Oracle Corporation. Martin Wasserman hosts.