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Examining the global impact of technology
Computer Graphics and Interactivity
This episode focuses on the field of computer generated animation and interactivity, and the industry that creates this technology. The guest is Jerome Solomon, Dean of Cogswell College, a Silicon Valley school that trains people for careers in technology, with a strong emphasis on digital art and animation, as well as game design and development. Jerome had a 17 year career in Hollywood, where he worked at Industrial Light and Magic and DreamWorks Animation, received film credits for Avatar, Madagascar and Shrek 2, and produced several top tier video games, including Star Wars:The Force Unleashed. He is also the chairman of the 2017 SIGGRAPH Conference. SIGGRAPH’s mission is to foster innovation in computer graphics and interactivity, and to be the world’s number one community for creating, promoting and disseminating information about graphic technology. Martin Wasserman hosts.