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Science of the Brain
This episode looks at recent progress in brain science, especially the new field of brain plasticity, which holds that the brain can be reshaped, or “rewired” at any age, with huge implications for human behavior as well as traits such as cognition, memory and even hearing. The guest is Dr. Michael Merzenich, Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience at UCSF, pioneer in brain research for almost five decades, and a leading figure in brain plasticity. Prof. Merzenich has made numerous contributions to the field of brain science, won many awards, and holds about 100 patents. He’s also the founder and chief scientific officer of the Posit Science Corporation, which uses brain plasticity concepts to develop new behavioral therapies, and he’s the author of the recent book, “Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life.” Martin Wasserman hosts.