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Examining the global impact of technology
Segment 1
A discussion of the latest developments in nanotech, and practical applications of this new science
Segment 2
A discussion of “desktop manufacturing” that may  eventually be made possible with nanotech, including a video of a desktop factory.
Segment 3
Discussion about the new “super materials” that may be possible with nanotechnology, and also the possible medical uses of nanotech, including a video of fighting cancer with nanotech.
Segment 4
A discussion about the environmental impact of nanotechnology, and societal and ethical considerations of the new science.

A look at nanotechnology, the science of manipulating objects on an atomic scale. Technology forecaster and research director at the Lifeboat Foundation Brian Wang, and managing partner at Cleantech Circle and founder of the MIT-Stanford-Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum Wasiq Bokhari, discuss the latest advances in nanotech, practical uses of this new science, environmental issues of nanotech, and societal and ethical considerations. Martin Wasserman hosts. CLICK AN IMAGE BELOW TO SEE THE VIDEO SEGMENT.