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Examining the global impact of technology
Clean Renewable Energy
This episode features an interview with atmospheric scientist Mark Z. Jacobson, director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University, and a strong advocate of the idea that it’s possible to fill all of the world’s energy needs through the clean and renewable sources of wind, water and solar power alone, without recourse to fossil fuels at all. Professor Jacobson is an expert in the physical and chemical processes involved in air pollution, and looks for ways to integrate clean energy sources into the power grid. A winner of the American Meteorological Society’s Houghton Award for his contributions to modeling aerosol chemistry and understanding the role of soot and other carbon particles on climate, His computer models of the atmosphere have been used by about 1000 researchers in the field. His work has served as the scientific basis for proposed climate legislation, he’s served on an advisory committee to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, and has testified several times before the U.S. Congress.

Entire program
Divided into 3 shorter segments
Segment 1
The problem of air pollution and the use of clean solar energy

Segment 2
The use of wind and water power to create clean energy
Segment 3
How to overcome the difficulties in implementing clean energy solutions