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The Science of Scent
This episode features olfactory scientists who are trying to do with the sense of smell what we can already do with the senses of sight and hearing, namely record aromas by mechanical means, store them digitally in computers, and reproduce them at will. The guests are Chris Hanson, founder and President of Aromyx, Inc., and Luke Schneider, Board member of Aromyx and also Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Target Discovery, a cancer diagnostics company. We discuss the current state of olfactory research, the many possible uses of this technology, and the hurdles that have to be overcome to bring the technology to market. Martin Wasserman hosts.

Entire program
Divided into 3 shorter segments
Segment 1
A discussion of the core technology of Aromyx and the human sense of smell.
Segment 2
A discussion of the many possible uses of olfactory technology, including medical diagnostic tools.
Segment 3
A discussion of some of the technical issues that have to be resolved before olfactory technology can be delivered to the marketplace.