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Examining the global impact of technology
Peace Innovation Lab
This episode examines whether social networking tools such as Facebook can advance the cause of peace. The guests are Margarita Quihuis and Mark Nelson, both from the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford University. Margarita is the director of the Lab, and Mark is one of its cofounders. The goal is to build positive grassroots interactions across conflict boundaries in the hope that this will eventually tip the balance of power in favor of peace. In addition to discussing the Lab’s work, the show also addresses some basic issues of war and peace, whether peace is really the natural state of humanity, and the kind of divisions that have to be overcome to succeed at peacemaking. Martin Wasserman hosts.

Entire program
Divided into 3 shorter segments
Segment 1
Margarita Quihuis and Mark Nelson discuss how the Peace Innovation Lab uses Facebook to create positive relationships across conflict boundaries.
Segment 2
Discussion of how to define peace and what’s driving the many conflicts in the world.
Segment 3
Discussion of whether peace is the natural condition of humanity, and whether global consciousness can overcome the divisions that lead to war.