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The Higgs Boson
The recent discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN, the huge nuclear research facility near Geneva, Switzerland, was one of the biggest developments in particle physics in decades. The Higgs boson, first postulated in 1964, is believed to be what enables other particles to have mass, and was the last particle in the standard model of particle physics to remain undetected. In this episode we discuss the importance of the Higgs boson and the world of particle physics in general with three guests. Su Dong is an experimental particle physicist and head of the Atlas Group at SLAC which participated in the experiment that found the Higgs, Peter Graham is a theoretical particle physicist at Stanford, and Val O’Shea, who was interviewed via Skype, is an electronics engineer at the University of Glasgow in Scotland who has spent the past 20 years working on the Atlas experiment to find the Higgs boson.

Entire program
Divided into 3 shorter segments
Segment 1
Interview with Val O’Shea via Skype about the Atlas Experiment to find the Higgs boson.
Segment 2
Discussion with Su Dong and Peter Graham about the Atlas Experiment and the state of particle physics, plus video of the Atlas Detector at CERN.      
Segment 3
Further discussion of particle physics and the practical benefits of research conducted at CERN.