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The Maker Faire
This episode features footage from the Maker Faire, one of the world's largest "do-it-yourself" events and part of the Maker Movement which favors crowd sourcing and community based efforts to achieve results. Our studio guest is David Lang, co-creator of one of the most popular exhibits at the Faire, the OpenROV submarine, which is an open source remotely operated vehicle for underwater exploration. By putting all the design info online, he's tapped into a community of thousands of people who are willing to offer suggestions for improvement, which has greatly aided the development process, and he’s used crowd funding, through Kickstarter, to finance the work. We also have videos of the OpenROV itself, including underwater performance.

Entire program
Divided into 3 shorter segments
Segment 1
Video from the Maker Faire, including Microsoft robotics competition, Arduino microcontrollers and much more
Segment 2
Video of OpenROV submarine and interview with David Lang, co-creator of OpenROV     
Segment 3
Video of OpenROV performing underwater, and continuation of interview with David Lang