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Neurobotic Research
This episode features an interview with Yoky Matsuoka, a leader in the emerging field of neurobotics, which combines neuroscience with robotics. The winner of a MacArthur Genius Award, Yoky was founder and director of the Neurobotics Lab at the University of Washington, and is currently V.P. of Technology at a company called Nest. Her long term research interest is prosthetic limbs controlled directly by the human brain. She also has her own nonprofit foundation called YokyWorks whose mission is to develop ingenious engineering solutions that allow people to overcome their physical limitations. Yoky has been profiled on PBS’s NOVA and has a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT. Born in Japan, she once aspired to be a champion tennis player. A series of injuries ended her tennis career, but got her thinking deeply about the mind-body connection, which eventually led to her career in science.

Entire program
Divided into 3 shorter segments
Segment 1
Yoky Matsuoka discusses the emerging field of neurobotics

Segment 2
Yoky discusses the difficulties of creating prosthetic limbs that operate as easily as natural ones    
Segment 3
Yoky talks about the future of neurobotics