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Examining the global impact of technology
Segment 1
Bill Davidow discusses how the Internet, through high speed data transmissions and positive feedback loops, has created economic disasters.
Segment 2
An animated video of the history of the Internet, and discussion of how the Internet facilitates harmful addictions such as gambling.   
Segment 3
Discussion of other aspects of the Internet, such as the explosive growth of social networking tools, and whether overdependence on the Internet is dangerous.
The Overconnected Society
This epsiode features an interview with Bill Davidow, author of the recent book “Overconnected: The promise and threat of the Internet”. Davidow says that despite its many benefits, the Internet, because of the constantly accelerating speed with which it’s able to move information, can have a destabilizing effect that can ultimately lead to catastrophic consequences, especially in the economic sphere.

Bill Davidow is a long time veteran of Silicon Valley. He’s a former senior vice president at Intel, co-founder of the Mohr Davidow venture capital firm, and author of several other books on technology. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Caltech and UCSF Medical Center.