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CliniSpace Virtual Hospital
This episode looks at CliniSpace, a multiuser, online virtual hospital where real doctors and nurses expand their training by treating virtual patients. The emphasis is on taking the right decisions and actions quickly in high pressure situations, such as mass casualty incidents. CliniSpace won the 2011 Grand Prize of $25,000 at the Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge, sponsored by the US Army Research Lab. The two guests are the co-founders of Innovation in Learning, the company that created CliniSpace. Wm. LeRoy Heinrichs, MD, PhD, is Executive Medical Director, and Parvati Dev, PhD, is President and CEO of the company. Dr. Heinrichs is Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Department of Ob-Gyn at Stanford Medical Center, and Dr. Dev is the founder of SUMMIT Labs at Stanford. Martin Wasserman hosts.

Entire program
Divided into 3 shorter segments
Start of CliniSpace discussion, and video of CliniSpace capabilities
Segment 2
Continuation of CliniSpace discussion, and live demonstration of Clinispace   
Segment 3
Three way discussion between Conclusion of CliniSpace discussion, and additional slides and images about CliniSpace
Devlin, Marina Ranga and host Martin Wasserman