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This episode looks at new methods of information sharing between doctors, patients and healthcare institutions in order to enable better diagnosis and treatment of disease. Host Martin Wasserman interviews two guests. Martin Entwistle was trained as an orthopedic surgeon in the UK, is a developer of health information sharing technology, and is Co-Executive Director of the Center for Health Systems Innovation at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Michael Dinneen is a psychiatrist, Director of Strategy Management at the U.S. Military Health System, former Director of Medical Services at the National Naval Medical Center, and a leading proponent of “Accountable Care Organizations”, which follow a patient’s care even as he goes from one medical facility to another.

Entire program
Divided into 3 shorter segments
Start of interview with Martin Entwistle, and an animated video on Google Health.
Segment 2
Continuation of interview with Martin Entwistle, and start of interview with Michael Dinneen.
Segment 3
Continuation of interviews with Martin Entwistle and Michael Dinneen.