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Earthquake Preparedness
This episode looks at earthquakes, including the science of earth movements, advances in predicting quakes, being prepared for quakes, and improving the response to earthquakes, and includes footage of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The studio guests are Jeanne Hardebeck and Kevin Montgomery. Jeanne Hardebeck is a research geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey, holds a Ph.D. In Geophysics from Caltech, and was the winner of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineeers. Kevin Montgomery is CEO of Intelesense Technologies, which provides real time global monitoring systems to aid in disaster response, and he is also director of the National Biocomputation Center at Stanford University. Martin Wasserman hosts.

Entire program
Divided into 3 shorter segments
Start of interview with Jeanne Hardebeck on science of earth movements and ways of preparing for quakes.
Segment 2
Conclusion of interview with Jeanne Hardebeck, footage from Japanese quake and tsunami, and interview with Kevin Montgomery on earthquake response and advances in quake prediction.
Segment 3
Kevin Montgomery demonstrates real time global monitoring system to aid in disaster response.