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Graphic Visualization Tools
A discussion of graphic visualization tools, which are used to enhance productivity in Silicon Valley companies, and which have attracted the interest of the federal government as well. There are two guests. David Sibbet is founder and president of The Grove Consultants International and author of the best selling book “Visual Meetings”. He’s worked for leading Silicon Valley companies as well as government agencies, and is also a trained reporter. Mei Lin Fung is one of the original founders of Future Talk, chairman of the board of the Institute for Service Organization Excellence, cofounder of TEDxBayArea and cofounder of the Program for the Future. David and Mei Lin both describe how they use graphic visualization methods to help their clients achieve better communication, define common goals and enhance productivity. Martin Wasserman hosts

Entire program
Divided into 3 shorter segments
David Sibbet discusses his work with graphic visualization tools and gives a demonstration.
Segment 2
Mei Lin Fung discusses the use of graphic visualization tools for sharing information and ideas, increasing productivity, and reaching common goals.
Segment 3
David and Mei Lin discuss increased government interest in graphic visualization tools, for everything from managing its vast stores of information, to planning disaster relief efforts.